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Thank you M&M Towing for coming to save mom and I today! We love you guys!!

~Kendra Doherty

Honesty and integrity - something we don't see as much in companies as we used to. At least that's the story we keep on hearing. With M & M Repair and Towing, though, that doesn't even come close to holding true. We were stranded on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere (sounds like the tune from the movie "Michael", eh) in Northeastern New Mexico. Our vehicle simply shut itself off as we were driving 70 mph. Cell phone reception was spotty, at best, but Christine kept at it trying to locate us until she got a tow truck to us. To be honest, we didn't know quite what to expect. The driver, Frank, spent a lot of time on the road to get to us. Like Christine, though, he didn't give it up. He could have, but didn't. The thing is, we didn't know where we were exactly. Somewhere between Raton and Clayton, New Mexico is all we could give them. Even then, calls and messaging on both ends got dropped more often than they got through. So, when we saw the tow truck appear over the rise in the road, we both breathed a collective sigh of relief. On the way to Trinidad, Frank tried to give us some businesses there that might be able to help us. He wound up talking himself into taking that on instead, and we're very glad and grateful that he did. He didn't have to. But he did. The next day was spent trying to figure out what had gone wrong on our vehicle. Frank was patient with us, he was honest with us, and, most important of all, he didn't try to blow smoke up our skirts, so to speak. Nope. Not on anything. He was, to put it mildly, one of the most professional mechanics I've ever interacted with. To top it off, he had a wonderful sense of humor. The entire staff did their very best to get us back on the road and home safely. We know we still have some issues to deal with on our vehicle (thanks to Frank explaining them to us), but the most important thing is they ALL cared. That....that right there.... goes above and beyond as far as I'm concerned. Thank you to M & M Repair and Towing. You all ROCK!!!!

~Ted J W Zocco-Hochhalter

Thank you so much for helping us out with our bus issue on our trip to ski at Wolf Creek.  It is refreshing to find such helpful people when you are away from home and need assistance.  Your help kept us on schedule and made us able to maximize our ski time.  From the 27 youth and the 5 adult sponsors from Guymon, OK, please accept our biggest THANKS for your efforts!
~Victory Memorial United Methodist Church Youth

​I could never find words to express my gratitude for your endless help when I flipped my suburban and camper on Raton
pass.  Everyone did so much more than I ever expected.  Your patience with my continual hanging around while
insurance was sorted out and repairs being made was far above the norm.  A special thanks to Frank for all his hard
work.  Anyone who has an accident is fortunate indeed if M & M Towing responds.
~Vergie Daniels

Thank you so much for absolutely everything you did for us when we wrecked our truck.  From bringing my truck in, to
giving us a ride to the rental car place, and helping with my insurance stuff.  Words can not even begin to explain how
grateful we are for your caring and amazing service that morning.  You guys definitely made our day so much better.  Thank
~Barbara Hernandez & Cody Caranaugh

A HUGE thank you to Chris, Liz, Frank and Paul!   AAA called you and you responded extremely quickly. The tow truck driver was very friendly and made me feel that I was in good hands.  Arrival at the garage and I met Chris and he says he can look at the vehicle immediately and depending on what's wrong and if parts are available he may be able to fix it that day.  WOW!  Now that's a bold statement.  Never in all my 32 years of owning a vehicle has that ever been the case, but Chris and Frank did just that in under 3 hours!!!  Totally unbelievable!!! They totally rock!!! Then we come to the very
efficient Liz, a woman of exceptional multi-tasking skills and a wonderfully friendly personality.  And also Paul was
friendly and personable.  Everyone I met that day that works at the shop was very friendly.  I have had the unfortunate
experience of many auto repair shops and none of them can compare with the experience I had that day with the folks of
M & M Repair.  I feel I have found the first honest repair shop.
~C. Rutherford

I am writing to express deep appreciation for and compliment the service received from Frank Luna and team regarding
the repair of the drive shaft of my '06 Chevrolet truck. The attitude, service, competence and quick attention to our
problem is virtually non-existent in this day and time.  The lack of concern and "help" from our Onstar, Triple A, and the
Chevrolet dealers is what is common; your operation is excellent in my opinion, and thanks much for getting us back on
the road.  In addition, your charges were very reasonable.  I have, and will continue to recommend M & M to my
numerous friends who travel to Colorado regularly to both hunt and vacation.
~L. Max Rowe

Thank you so much for helping my wife and I the other day.  We appreciate your coming to rescue us and for how hard you worked to get our car working again.  May the Lord bless you!

Thank you for helping us!  May God bless you in a wonderful way for being such a blessing to us!

Frank and I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful service you have given us.  You are just special people.  We deeply
appreciate it.  May God bless all of you.  Christine and Paul are great!
~Frank & Margarett

On Friday, June 4, when leaving Trinidad, our pickup stalled in a construction zone on I-25 just north of Trinidad.  We
called your company and Rudy came, towed us to a campground to drop off our 5th wheel then towed us to your repair
shop.  He was courteous, competent and very pleasant.  Employees like Rudy and service like yours provided us is the
reason businesses like yours succeed.  Thanks again to both you and Rudy.
~Jim & Judy Haven

Sometimes the little disasters in life turn out to be blessings.  That certainly was the case when we ran into "truck"
problems on our way to Texas.  All your employees were wonderful to us starting with Rudy who towed us in on the day
he was to start his "vacation".  Chris was a wonderful mechanic and due to his skill got us on our way quickly.  We hope
that you can reward him and retain his as an asset for a very long time.  Your lady at the receptionist desk was also very
kind and had a ready smile.  Thank you for your help and we hope you all have a prosperous and wonderful year ahead.
~Jim & Ruth H.

Thanks so much for you quick, effective and complete response to our break down on Raton Pass highway.  Your wrecker driver who first helped and then Paul who came out and quickly fixed the problem, Frank who checked our the bus and you, yelling at the kids to get off the driveway were all wonderful.  The beautiful woman who made sure we had access to the building and restrooms was truly appreciated.  I apologize that I did not ask her name.  She will be remembered, as will all of you.  It always amazes me how friendly people can be.  You are all the best and I think you for your witness to me and the other adults and youth who you truly helped get on the road to home.  We made it safely by noon Saturday thanks to you and your crew.  May God continue to bless you and enable you to be the blessing you are.
~Rev. Harold Travis (Congregational Care and Outreach)